About Angel Centre

We are a non-governmental organization, based in Waithaka, Kenya. Our aim is to take in abandoned and orphaned babies, 2 years of age and under.

Angel Centre was founded in October 2009, by Wamaitha Mwangi, who serves as the chairlady. Angel Centre is registered under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination ACT of Kenya as well as the Ministry of labour, social security and services.

At Angels Centre, children receive:

– Basic human rights.
– Love & affection.
– Medical care.
– Complementary therapy.
– Good nutrition.
– Most importantly, a place to call home until they find their long term families.

Willing Volunteers

Medical Care


Happy Children

Our Goals

The goal of the charity is to ensure that we help all children at the center to get a proper education, good nutrition, clothing, medical care and most importantly a place to call home.


  • I loved working with kids, yes. But I was working with privileged children, who had food, clothes, love and parents. My heart was pulling me towards helpless children.

    Wamaitha Mwangi (Founder)

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